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  Public Vehicle Inspection Stations

Public Vehicle Inspection Stations include stations open to the general public that conduct safety inspections of motor vehicles or motorcycles and conduct exhaust emission inspections. See the detailed business type description.

  Motor Vehicle Repair Shops

Motor Vehicle Repair Shops include Repair Shops, Body Repair Shops and Mobile Repair Shops. See the detailed business type description.


Dealers include Retail, Wholesale and Qualified Automobile and Truck Dealers, Boat Dealers, Yacht Brokers, and Snowmobile Dealers. See the detailed business type description.

  Businesses that Deal in Junk and Salvage Vehicles

Businesses that Deal In Junk and Salvage Vehicles include Vehicle Dismantlers, Scrap Collectors, Scrap Processors, Salvage Pools, Itinerant Vehicle Collectors, and Mobile Car Crushers. See the detailed business type description.

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The following types of businesses are not included in the search results: Dealer Inspection Stations and Fleet Inspection Stations, Vehicle Transporters, ATV Dealers, Drive-In Appraisals and MV-907A Eligible.

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