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Photo Document Mailing Status

Step 1:  Enter Your DMV Client Information

DMV Client Identification

Enter your client identification number OR your full name, but not both.

If you need help, refer to the sample document.

Client ID Number:
 Exactly 9 digits, if entered -- no spaces or hyphens.


Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Initial:
 Enter initial only if it appeared on the original document.

Additional Client Information

Enter the following personal information to help us identify you and your DMV record.

Date of Birth (mmddyyyy):
 Exactly 8 digits -- no hyphens or slash marks.
 For example, 5/2/64 is entered as 05021964.

Gender:    Male      Female

  Instructions for Step 1:

If you have applied for a NYS driver license, learner's permit or non-driver ID within the past six months, you can use this transaction to lookup the mailing status of your new document(s). Just follow these directions:

To check the mailing status of your DMV photo document...

1. Enter your DMV client identification:

  • Client ID Number or Name.  If you know your DMV Client Identification Number on your DMV photo document, enter it. Otherwise, enter your last name, first name, and middle initial as you reported them to DMV.

2. Enter the following personal information: 

  • Date of Birth.  Enter 2 digits for the month, followed by 2 digits for the day, followed by 4 digits for the year. No spaces, hyphens or slash marks. For example, 5/2/64 should be entered as 05021964.

  • Gender.  Select "Male" or "Female".

This information is only used to help identify you for this transaction. Privacy and Security Statement.

3. Press the "Show Status" button.

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