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  • If you travel and plan on flying within the U.S., we recommend you get an Enhanced or REAL ID Star displayed on REAL ID documents License, Permit or Non-Driver ID. Learn more about Enhanced and REAL IDs.
  • The Learner Permit is the first step in getting a NY State license or CDL.
  • If you do not have a Social Security Number or ineligibility letter from the Social Security Administration, see information on how to get a Standard license or permit.


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Images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the document. This checklist tells you which documents you have selected to bring as your proofs. DMV 's document guide does not guarantee that DMV can process your transaction. Your documents still need to be verified in the office. DMV will confiscate all documents that appear to be fraudulent for review by DMV 's Investigations Unit. If you submit a fraudulent document, you may be subject to criminal prosecution. Making a false statement in an application or in any proof or statement in conjunction with it, or deceiving or substituting, or causing another person to deceive or substitute in connection with such application, is punishable as a criminal offense under the Penal Law and the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and may result in the revocation or suspension of your license.