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Determine the fees you will need to pay to register a vehicle or transfer a registration from one vehicle to another in New York. See more information about registration fees. Opens new window

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Type of Vehicle *
If a pick-up truck was modified, select a "Passenger Vehicle." A modified pick-up truck has a truck bed that is enclosed (completely and permanently) by a camper top and has seats or camping equipment mounted in the truck bed. The vehicle cannot display any business advertisements. A vehicle that is leased or rented must comply with additional requirements.
  • This is the weight of the vehicle itself, with no load. To find the unladen weight, check the driver's side doorframe for a plate named "Title and Loading Information," the owner's manual, or automobile websites.
  • A "Pick-up truck registered as a passenger vehicle," must have an unladen weight of 6,001 lbs. or less.
  • The unladen weight of a vehicle, other than a motorcycle, must be 1,400 lbs. or more.
  • Enter the exact MGW. The MGW must be less than 44,801 lbs.
  • For a commercial vehicle, the MGW is the weight of the vehicle, plus the weight of the maximum load to be carried during the registration period.
  • For a pickup truck registered as a passenger vehicle, the MGW must be the unladen weight plus exactly one lb. For example, if you enter an unladen weight of 4,500 lbs. for this type of vehicle, you must enter a MGW of 4,501 lbs.


Liens *
  • If you borrowed money from a lender to purchase the vehicle, there is a lien on the vehicle.
  • If the dealer will file the lien or liens on behalf of the lender, enter the number of liens.

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